Madail: FIFA president's term should be limited

ZURICH - The number of terms the FIFA president can serve should be limited, the head of the Portuguese football federation said on Tuesday.

Gilberto Madail (pictured, middle) added that if the president of world football's governing body stays too long in his post, he can starting making mistakes without even noticing.

Maidal's remarks came on the eve of the presidential vote where Sepp Blatter, who has already been at the helm for 13 years, is set to be elected unopposed for another four.

Blatter's predecessor Joao Havelange was in power for 24 years and FIFA has only had eight presidents in its 107-year history.

"I always said there should be a limit on the number of mandates otherwise people get too used to being in power," Maidal told the Portuguese television station RTP.

"They end up committing mistakes without even noticing."

FIFA has been hit by a wave of corruption scandals with four executive committee members suspended since October, including Mohamed Bin Hammam who had been due to run against Blatter on Wednesday.

The Qatari withdrew his candidacy on Sunday after being suspended amid cash-for-votes allegations along with Jack Warner, one of the most influential figures on the FIFA executive committee.

"If you don't correct this, then FIFA will lose public respect," said Madail, not usually regarded as an outspoken figure.

"It's time for FIFA to be looked at from top to bottom because if they (the public) stop respecting FIFA, football will not be respected.

He added that an election in such circumstances was "like having sand in your shoe."

"There are no UEFA officials involved and this for UEFA is an advantage," he said referring to European football's governing body.