Malaysian police launch match-fixing probe

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysian police and an anti-corruption agency have launched a probe into match-fixing at Negeri Sembilan after the club made allegations against some of the Super League side's youth players.

"One of the clubs, Negeri Sembilan, has lodged a report with the police and the anti-corruption commission," a Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) spokesman said on Monday.

"They suspect some members of their youth team, not the league team, are involved in match-fixing... both the police and the commission have started their investigation."

Negeri Sembilan, who compete in the Malaysian Super League, lodged a police report last week into alleged match-fixing during an under-21 club tournament in the southeast Asian country.

Football in Asia is battling corruption on several fronts, with South Korea rocked by a match-fixing scandal that has seen at least five players arrested.