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Mazzarri takes parting shot at Watford before exit

Walter Mazzarri has fired a parting shot at Watford ahead of his impending exit, saying they could not match the ambition or mentality of his previous clubs.

The former Napoli and Inter boss will leave Vicarage Road just one season into his three-year contract after Sunday's Premier League match at home to Manchester City.

Mazzarri's exit was announced by Watford on Wednesday after a board meeting to discuss "the club's future goals and aspirations".

Explaining his departure, the 55-year-old insisted he has enjoyed his spell in England despite some frustrations which led to the end of his reign.

"It has been a great experience, I am very happy to have lived it," Mazzarri said to marcadorint. "It has been interesting to see English football from within.

"This club does not have the same ambitions, the same mentality, as the previous clubs in which I have been. 

"I tried to instil a winning mentality here, but between the injuries and the difficulties that have come at the end of the season, it has not been possible.

"Football is universal. If a coach prepares his tactics, the physical fitness and other aspects, then he can do well in Spain, Italy or England.

"The ideal situation is to have a tactical project that excites you and the club buys the necessary players to fit your ideas.

"Unfortunately, this can only be done by the big clubs, as the majority don't have the capital to do that. So you have to adapt to what you have got.

"Anyway, I am happy to have accomplished another objective of my career and to have done it in a Premier League with so many strong teams."

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Watford avoided relegation from the Premier League this season, their second campaign since promotion, but have slipped to 16th in the table after a miserable run of five consecutive defeats.

"We have had some problems, but we have met the target," said Mazzarri. "In addition, we have been able to beat difficult teams like Arsenal, Manchester United or Everton. 

"Watford were able to face down sides that were technically far superior to us because we did important tactical work and were organised. That important people in English football, and Alan Shearer praised the team which filled me with pride.

"It was a shame that right at our best, when everything went well, when we were seventh, we had an incredible accumulation of injuries. There was a point where half of the squad was injured.

"Despite these misfortunes, we were able to reach the 40 points with six games remaining, which is the record for this club."

Mazzarri was criticised for using a translator throughout his stay at Watford, but he replied: "The English language proved to be very difficult. A language like Spanish is much easier for me to get to grips with."

And Mazzarri's next destination is likely to be Spain or Portugal, although he is open to taking a break from the game.

"I am tired after a demanding year, but it all depends on the offers you receive," he said. "If nothing came up that interested me, I wouldn't mind having some time off.

"Now I would like to go to Spain, Portugal or any other destination that motivates me. I like getting to know a new league.

"It doesn't have to be a very big club, I would rather just have a project that I know is mine."