Mihajlovic predicts Milan derby success

Milan coach Sinisa Mihajlovic claimed his team will make up for a couple of lean years this season, "starting with the derby" against Inter.

Coach Sinisa Mihajlovic was in a jovial mood at Milan's squad presentation, getting involved in chants and predicting a derby victory.

Mihajlovic, who concluded his playing career with Inter, smiled as he took part when supporters chanted 'whoever doesn't jump is an Interista', with plenty of his players promptly hopping on the spot as well.

Milan have not lost a derby to Inter since 2013 - four matches without defeat - and Mihajlovic, who believes his side can challenge for the Serie A title this term, predicted more success on Sunday.

"Milan haven't been Milan for two to three years," the Serbian coach said, according to Gazzetta World.

"We are convinced that we can contend this season. We must do better in our upcoming matches, and I'm sure that we will start to make up for it starting with the derby."

Despite their derby dominance, Milan finished 10th in Serie A last season and eighth in 2013-14.

The new campaign has been mixed early, with Milan starting with a 2-0 loss at Fiorentina and then knocking off Empoli 2-1, while Inter have won their matches against Atalanta and Carpi.

"We want to bring Milan back to where it belongs," captain Riccardo Montolivo said.

"I am certain that we will fight for a top spot this season.

"We are building something important."