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Mourinho sells 'special' Chelsea

The Portuguese confirmed on Wednesday that he had made a bid for Rooney - and suggested that the Manchester United striker was his only transfer target ahead of the new season.

With the England man reported to be unhappy at Old Trafford and his future now in doubt, Mourinho made it clear that the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge is 'special'.

"The most important thing in football, either for players or for managers, is the passion, the happiness and the feelings we have for a club," he said. "We all are professionals, but at the same time we all are in love with our job.

"If you can execute your mission, your job - either as a player or a manager - not just because you are paid for it, not just because it's your job, it's your work, but because you can do it with happiness and passion and feeling, that's the most important thing.

"The most important thing for me is the deep feeling I'm at a really special football club.

"If Chelsea can become a really special club for me, Chelsea can be a special club for everybody.

"Not many clubs are like that, where people remember you and the fans sing your name, not just at Stamford Bridge but all over the world, you can't have a better feeling."