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New Cardiff badge to ditch Welsh dragon

Malaysian businessman Tan, who took over at Cardiff in May 2010, sparked outrage when he switched the team's home kit from blue to red in 2012 as part of a rebranding exercise designed to make the Championship club more appealing in his home country.

Tan then made a U-turn in January by signalling the club would return to their traditional blue colour scheme following a series of protests by supporters.

The current badge features both a bluebird and a Welsh dragon, but the latter's replacement may give fans yet more cause for complaint.

"I think the new crest has been designed in-house here and I think it looks very good," he told the club's YouTube channel. "I'm very happy with it.

"It's got a dragon there, but this time it's got an oriental dragon.

"And I think the fans will be happy that the bluebird is truly outstanding there."

Explaining his reasons for changing the club colours back to blue, Tan added: "Around Christmas, my mother said it is not a good idea to keep having this problem with Cardiff - 'Why don't you just do something about it?'

"So I thought maybe it's about time."