"No question, that's a penalty": Referee lets Bayern Munich's Sadio Mane gets away with incredible handball in Champions League

Sadio Mane handball
(Image credit: Getty Images / BT Sport)

Bayern Munich star Sadio Mane will have breathed a huge sigh of relief on Wednesday night, after getting away with one of the most clear-cut handball shouts ever.

The final game of the Champions League Group C between Bayern Munich and Inter Milan was a dead rubber, with the teams having secured first and second place before kick-off.

But that didn't stop flabbergasted Inter players being left aghast when referee Ivan Kruzliak left a long consultation with his VAR screen, only to determine no offence had occurred.

The incident came about inside the first 10 minutes of the game at the Allianz Arena, when an Inter Milan corner led to a fierce shot from Nicolo Barella.

Former Liverpool man Mane turned away from the shot, and raised his arms, blocking the shot.

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The ref immediately went over to the VAR screen, but ultimately decided that Mane was blocking his face and that it wasn't a penalty – leaving viewers stunned.

BT Sport's commentator was among those left baffled by the decision, saying, "No question, that's a penalty. That's not even a debate for me", adding: "That's ridiculous, what the referee's suggesting."

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