Platini takes dig at Blatter over extra linesmen

Michel Platini took a dig at Sepp Blatter over the use of extra linesmen on Monday, saying FIFA's president was not enthusiastic about the system because he did not think of it.

Platini, the UEFA president, reaffirmed his opposition to the use of technology in football and belief that the system of two extra linesmen which is being tested with UEFA is the way forward.

"I think [extra linesmen] is a good idea... I think that in the Champions League, it's going really, really well," said the UEFA president on Monday.

However, he felt that the idea had been given a lukewarm response by FIFA who are pressing ahead with their own plans to introduce goal line technology.

"I don't know whether it will ultimately be approved it, maybe Blatter doesn't like it because it's not his idea," said Platini with a shrug and laughter from his audience of leading Italian football officials.

"As you know, I'm against the use of technology in sport and especially in football," added the Frenchman during an event organised by the Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper.

"The referees should get much more help because their mistakes are seen all over television.

"One single referee on the pitch is not enough. He should be helped with two assistants behind the goals.

"I know a lot of people think that justice can only be done with television and the use of technology but I don't believe that, we should have a human solution with referees."

UEFA began using two extra linesmen on a trial basis, one behind each goal, in the Europa League since the 2009/10 season.

Last season, it was extended to the Champions League and it will also be used at the Euro 2012 tournament next year.

FIFA is currently holding trials for different systems of goal-line technology and the International Board (IFAB), football's rule-making body, is expected to decide whether to approve it or not in March.

The IFAB is expected to evaluate UEFA's system after Euro 2012.