Referees attacked by hooligans in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Match officials were confronted by angry fans after some controversial decisions in the game between Siroki and Sarajevo.

Referee Ognjen Valjic has claimed he and his colleagues Senad Ibrisimbegovic and Sreten Udovicic were attacked by hooligans in the aftermath of Sunday's Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) league game between Siroi Brijeg and Sarajevo, which ended in a 2-2 draw.

Valjic made a number of controversial decisions during this weekend's encounter and the match official and one of his assistants were confronted by angry fans on their way home.

"This was not a threat, but closer to attempted murder. I am still shaking and have tears in my eyes," Valjic told Avaz.

"Udovicic and I were about five kilometres away from the city when a red Ford Focus overtook us and all of a sudden hit the brakes. They had the intention to kill us.

"A few minutes later, three more cars overtook us and blocked our path. Udovicic managed to brake in time.

"We drove half a kilometre back and eventually called Salema Prolica from the BiH Football Association after the police did not answer our call. He managed to get in touch with the police and they told us to drive to a certain place where they were waiting for us. We gave them a statement.

"We are still shocked. This is not sport."

Valjic added that Ibrisimbegovic's car was hit by stones and bottles when leaving the stadium after the game.