Ronaldinho to stay put

Ronaldhino has denied reports suggesting he could be calling time on his career.

The former FIFA World Player of the Year was said to be unhappy at AC Milan due to his poor form, but Dinho is adamant he’s not done yet.

“Contrary to what Spanish newspaper SPORT published in its September 2009 issue, I have never considered retiring.

“Football is and always has been a source of joy to me. I am very happy to be in Milan playing for AC Milan, just as I was happy in all the other cities and clubs before.”

The winger, once widely regarded as the best player in the world, also expressed his distaste of the sports mag “publishing false information”.

“I'm a firm believer in criticism, whether positive or negative, as long as it based on founded and true facts. Publishing false information, on the other hand, is unacceptable.

“Generally speaking, media outlets throughout the world always place a high value on trying – above all things – to collect reliable statements from the involved party, or at least a true, trustworthy and authorised source.

The 29-year-old accused the magazine of bearing a grudge against him throughout his career, and condemned it’s unreliability on such reports.

“SPORT Newspaper, since my time in Barcelona, have always been quick to publish untrue and ill-intentioned stories about me.

“It is undoubtedly a witch hunt. Newspapers that publish untrue stories are not trustworthy."

Ronaldhino also pledged his allegiance to Milan, and is expected to make his return to first team action for Saturday’s clash with Udinese.

“I assure everybody that my contract with Milan only ends in 2011 and I intend to stay here in Milan for that period. Together with my team-mates, we will fight to conquer all titles possible.”