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Ronaldo open to acting career

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo would consider acting once his professional playing career comes to an end.

A documentary about the 31-year-old Portugal international and global superstar was released late last year.

Acting is something Ronaldo would welcome at the end of his career, but only with the right training and guidance.

"I would like to learn being surrounded by good actors because only then will I learn since it is an area I do not control because it has nothing to do with football," he told Sacoor Brothers.

"Why not? It's not my goal at the moment, but I have had some invitations."

Ronaldo added: "Do not close the doors because it is an area which I like."

As for his playing future, Ronaldo said he remained unsure as to how long he would continue.

"I feel good, I feel young, so I want to continue," he said.

"I do not put goals as a football player, only the body will tell and the mind also. I want to enjoy and win more at the collective level and individual level."