Video: Feyenoord's Steven Berghuis kicks ball at furious Ajax fans

How not to keep the peace in a derby: Feyenoord's winger was the recipient of Ajax ire after knocking a ball back into the crowd.

The Watford loanee, who has made 24 appearances for the current Eredivisie leaders, angered the Ajax faithful by reacting to a ball that was thrown at him from the crowd. 

Unsurprisingly, Ajax supporters reacted furiously, with some even throwing objects at Berghuis. An unidentified item appeared to hit the Netherlands international in the back of the head, meaning he had to receive treatment from the Feyenoord medical staff.

It doesn't take much for this fixture to blow up - there's a good reason we called it "Holland's hate-filled fight club" in a 2007 More Than A Game.

This season there's plenty at stake on the pitch too: Ajax went on to win this match 2-1 and closed the gap at the top of the table to just three points.

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