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Violence flares for third day ahead of England v Russia

Police clashed with football fans in Marseille for a third successive day ahead of England's Euro 2016 opener against Russia.

After two nights of trouble in the city's old port, violent skirmishes again erupted in the build up to the game at the Stade Velodrome.

Footage showed two fans being punched and kicked to the ground in one flashpoint. The identity of the perpetrators was unknown but there were reports of Russian ultras rampaging through the city looking for England fans to attack.

Several blood-soaked fans were later seen being treated by medical personnel.

In other parts of the city, there were reports of bottles being thrown at police by England supporters while a water cannon was put on stand-by outside the stadium.

The afternoon violence followed on from two nights of trouble in Marseille.

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Nine people were arrested on Friday – five from England – with police resorting to the use of tear gas as they were bombarded by missiles from Three Lions supporters.

There was one more England fan arrested on Thursday with another detained in hospital.

France remains in a State of Emergency following the terror attacks in Paris in November which killed 130 people and Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham took to Twitter to display his disgust at the violence.

He tweeted: "When you think of the terror threat and everything the French are dealing with, makes behaviour of these "England fans" even more embarrassing."