'Wenger Out' spreads to the UK general election polls

Why use your democratic right to vote when you can get social media back on the 'Wenger Out' bandwagon instead?

The pressure surrounding Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has relaxed a bit in recent weeks, what since the announcement that the Frenchman will remain at the Emirates Stadium for at least another two years.

Naturally, the decision was met with the sinking feeling of defeat and resignation by some sections of the Gunners' fanbase.

Among them were a hardcore few who went to the effort of going to their local polling booth on Thursday simply to keep the heat on the Frenchman.

Ruined ballot papers show a number of Arsenal supporters added their own box to cross off on Thursday – one for 'Wenger out'.

Jeremy Corbyn may have lost some voters after giving his support to Wenger in a recent interview, but others are clearly happy to sacrifice theirs altogether in the name of a chuckle. Mind you, 'Wenger Out' probably still got more votes than UKIP.  

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