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Tried and tested: Recovery trousers

What are they?
FFT is tired of having to limp around the house with stiff legs after a hard 90 minutes. So to help accelerate our recovery we decided to try out some space-age trousers, that are said to relieve pain and get footballers back on the pitch pronto. We’re not getting any younger, so we gave them a run out.

How do they work?
Each trouser leg features five zones, which run from your feet up to your hips. Kicking off at the bottom, the zones inflate and apply pressure to your legs, before relaxing again. The process can continue for as long as you like, with the length of session and firmness of each squeeze altered by pressing buttons on the control pad.

Who uses them?
Who doesn’t use them? They have become a firm favourite amongst the game's most distinguished names. PSG superstar Neymar, Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale and er, Chelsea captain Gary Cahill have all posted pictures of themselves wearing the NormaTec trousers on social media as they soothe their aches and pains. 

Why are they using them?
The squeezing motion's supposed to remove fluid from the muscles after a tough workout or match, and also improve circulation. Instead of lying on a sofa waiting for the body to recover on its own, players receive a helping hand from the gear while they relax, and regain fitness faster.

How much do they cost?
If you want to recover like a Premier League footballer, then it’ll set you back a whopping £1100. Ouch. So the more affordable option is to rent the trousers from a physiotherapy clinic or a gym, costing as little as £35 for a week.