Pass with Xavi's precision: Drill five

Kick and rush getting you nowhere? Don’t panic: FFT has a solution. Learn to bide your time, make the right decisions and hit the opposition where it hurts, with this tiki-taka-tastic drill
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Xavi Hernández is the footballer’s, footballer. A player so talented even his fellow professionals are in awe of him.

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Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff said: "There are spectacular players like Messi. But if you see a guy like Xavi, who controls the ball and manages the pace of the game, he is also a great player, but totally different from Messi.

"It is very hard to tell who is the best. [In my eyes] the most spectacular is Messi, but the best is Xavi."

The peerless number eight is the brain behind Barcelona and Spain’s obsession with possession. Sitting in the driving seat, Xavi calmly weaves together the two brands of high-octane football.

His weapon of choice: passing. Whether it’s short, effective offloads to recycle possession or applying defence-splitting passes, Xavi has mastered every discipline.

Imagine what sort of devastation you could wreak if you were armed with the Catalan’s vision and passing ability? Stop imagining and start doing with our essential training guide.

Working with Alfred Galustian, co-founder of Coerver Coaching, we created five essential drills to help you upgrade your passing game from long-ball merchant to tiki-taka specialist.

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