How to win those crunch games: Part Five

Whether it’s a title decider, cup final or relegation six-pointer, you won’t be at a loss with FFT’s five-step guide to sleeping, eating and mentally preparing
Eat your way to end-of-season glory with Matt Lovell, nutritionist for Spurs as well as England’s rugby team.


THE MEAL Oats, banana and honey
Banana and honey produce the natural tranquiliser serotonin – a chemical to make you sleepy. This will deplete your stress hormones. The slow-release carbs in the oats will restore your energy levels, giving you the fuel to bust a gut in the big game.

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THE MEAL Duck, miso and lettuce soba noodle soup, noodles, romaine lettuce
Serotonin-rich duck will ease pre–match anxieties and lettuce contains opiates, to calm nerves and muscles. Soba noodles have carbs and protein for energy stores. Miso seasoning will aid hydration by up to 25 per cent.


THE MEAL Tuna, garlic, chilli and broad bean hotpot
Chilli increases catecholamines – the fight or flight hormone – which will make you stand up and be counted when it matters. Dopamine – the get up and go brain hormone – in broad beans and tuna will keep you fighting until the final whistle.

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