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Hydration is key

How do I hydrate properly?

It’s not just about drinking, it’s about drinking the right amount of the right stuff. On average a footballer should aim to consume between 2-2.5 litres of fluid from food and drink each day.

What should I drink?

Variety is key. Fluids don’t just come from water, so you should drink other sources including fruit juices, smoothies and sports drinks, such as Lucozade Sport.

How much do I need to hydrate when I’m training?

This depends on your sweat rate, but on average, a footballer will cover between 8 and 12 kms a game. Working out what you need to drink is simple – weigh yourself before and after training. If you lose 1.5 kg in sweat you should replace 1.2-1.5 times that amount. That means slowly consuming between 1.8 and 2.25 litres of fluid at the end of each training session or match.

How can I optimise my hydration?

Drinking Lucozade Sport certainly helps. It contains carbohydrates and electrolytes that enhance the absorption of water, more than water does when it’s working alone. When you’re sweating through a 90-minute battle, a bottle of Lucozade Sport will help to promote rehydration and refuelling.

How do I know if I’m fully hydrated?

Don’t freak out, but you need to check the colour of your urine. There’s no need to attract strange looks by peeing into a cup in the men’s toilets, just take a glimpse and compare the colour to this chart (below). Light means good, dark means bad. Simple.

How will Lucozade Sport boost my performance?

Sports drinks contain carbohydrate and electrolytes – essential ingredients for a match-winning performance. Fluid containing these ingredients help by fuelling your working muscles and replacing essential minerals lost in sweat. During endurance exercise like football, Lucozade Sport gives you the carbohydrates and electrolytes you need. This hydrates and fuels you better than water, therefore maintaining performance.

How will dehydration affect my performance?

If your body is low on fluid, your performance can drop by 5-10 per cent in the second half. Sweating is essential, however if the fluids lost are not replaced, then dehydration may occur and your body temperature may start to rise. When you’re hot, you tire and your workrate drops. Then your concentration levels begin to suffer and this leads to mistakes on the pitch. If you don’t want to be a donkey, make sure you’re fully hydrated.

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