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Raise your game: Episode 4

FourFourTwo Performance and Lucozade Sport recruited leading experts in the game to help a group of amateur players overhaul their training habits.

Our coaches analysed the attributes of Gareth Bale and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and delivered sessions built around their strengths. 

The players were educated in ball mastery, running biomechanics, hydration and psychology.

The respective Real Madrid and Arsenal aces didn't reach the top level by drinking 10 pints the night before a big game - a habit of the amateur ranks.

Bale and Oxlade-Chamberlain star in La Liga and the Premier League because they get the right fluid on board, at the right time.

To help our amateur players understand the importance of fluid intake, Lucozade's sports science manager, Benjamin Garcia, put them through a series of simple tests.

Find out how the players fared and learn more about the science of hydration by hitting play and watching the latest episode of Raise Your Game.

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