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Real food for real muscle

Curried goat and plantain


“I’m from Nigerian descendants so I do like my meat. My missus is half-Nigerian so she cooks me curried goat and rice. This is my favourite. I’d have this with coleslaw and fried plantain – cooked with a little bit of salt and sugar. When she cooks this for me I’m overly happy.”

Nutrition profile: Eat this three hours before kick-off and the carbohydrates in the rice will provide you with a drip-feed of energy.


Jerk chicken

“People say I like McDonalds and KFCs, but that sort of food doesn’t entice me. It doesn’t fill me up. I prefer home cooking – the kind of food you eat and then you go to sleep. I’m a chicken kind of guy so I love jerk chicken and rice. It’s also got a bit of kick to it, which I like.”

Nutrition profile: Scoff after a bruising encounter and the protein and amino acids in the chicken will help repair your muscles.



“This is my carb food. I like to have yams with coleslaw and boiled plantain. If anybody wanted to bulk up their body they should come and stay at my house and my missus will cook you some real food. A lot of people mistake yams for sweet potatoes – this is wrong, because yams taste much better!”

Nutritional profile: Suitable to eat pre- or post-match. Complex carbohydrates are a great source of energy and they are full of vitamin C.


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