Healthy snacks for football

Fancy a quick nibble and not sure how to snack healthily? Never fear, help is at hand

Ryvita with cottage cheese, tuna and cucumber

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Get three crackers and spread one with cottage cheese and two with tuna and chopped cucumber. This protein charged snack is packed with essential amino acids that help build muscle, while keeping you satiated between meals. The combination of protein and carbs make it an ideal snack for those days when working out.


Low fat yogurt with bran flakes

Yogurt contains a good balance of carbohydrate and protein and is classed as a low glycaemic index food, which means it provides a slow sustainable release of energy. The B-vitamins in bran flakes will fine tune your mental focus and concentration, helping you on the pitch and in the office. 


Slice of malt loaf with peanut butter

Chowing down on malt loaf will supply you with carbohydrates, while the peanut butter will provide the all important protein you need throughout the day. The perfect snack to have after training as it promotes the production of muscle glycogen, which refuels tired muscles after a long and intense conditioning session.


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