Fig roll: The chosen half-time snack of Manchester United wrinkle dodgers Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs

The ultimate half-time snack

What do Scholes and Giggs nibble on at the break? A fig roll
Oranges: there’s no better snack for that pre-game or half-time burst of energy according to long-standing football wisdom.

But like a lot of the game’s slightly outdated beliefs (such as a wet sponge curing a broken leg), the idea of sucking on an orange during the interval could soon be consigned to the history books – all thanks to an unlikely source.

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“Fig rolls are a much better choice as they are packed with both simple and complex carbohydrates, providing a footballer with a consistent amount of energy distribution in the second half,” says sports dietitian Bob Seebohar.

“They also have a good amount of sodium and potassium
– electrolytes – that help keep the muscles firing properly and help maintain hydration. Overall, having a fig roll or two with some water is ideal for a half-time snack.”

With Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes among those opting for fig rolls to fire their ageing limbs through games, the end could be nigh for the orange’s long-held relationship with football.

“Oranges provide both carbohydrates and fluid, but lack significant electrolytes,” adds Seebohar.

“Also, eating too many oranges, which contain fructose, can cause stomach issues in the second half.”

Which is never a good thing.

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