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Play like Spain: Fast combinations: Part one

Control, pass, move and they’re gone. Spain’s players are harder to catch than a fly in a sandstorm.

Their ability to move the ball around with speed and precision is unrivalled.

And it’s not just sideways passing in their own half. When La Roja enter the final third of the pitch they’re ruthless.

Defenders, midfielders and strikers link-up with effortless ease, thanks to their masterful combination play.

Alfred Galustian, co-founder of Coerver Coaching, who has worked with a host of Spain’s leading players and coaches, has meticulously studied La Roja’s tika-taka football and come up with a series of drills to help you replicate their play.

Watch this training video and imitate the World and European Champions’ lightening-quick combination play.

The Stoke City Academy demonstrated the drills.

Coerver Coaching is the world’s number one soccer skills teaching method. For more information visit Follow co-founder of @CoerverCoaching, @coerveralf

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