Theo Walcott's shooting drills

The snap-shot

“Take up a starting position 10 yards outside the 18-yard box. Have a server stand just inside the D and pass the ball into their feet. With a one-touch lay-off, the server cushions the ball to their left or right, for you to run on to and strike at goal first time. Always follow your shot in, anticipating any rebounds. You have to be relaxed when you shoot. Know what you’re going to do and don’t change your mind.”

The 18-yard strike

“With three team-mates, form a line of four players along the edge of the penalty area. On the coach’s command, one player will strike first time at goal, and as soon as the goalkeeper gets to his feet, the next player shoots. The goalkeeper has to get up quickly and try to save the next shot. It’s very basic, but it’s a good workout. Keep it simple – that’s what we do every day – because you’re always going to learn from it. And remember, confidence is vital. You have to believe you’re going score every time you shoot.”

Score on the run
“Position a mannequin or passive defender on the edge of the 18-yard-box. Line up 10 yards outside the penalty area. Dribble the ball at pace at the mannequin and shift the ball whichever way you want to go, then open your body out or strike it across the keeper. I like to pass the ball into the net because it’s more accurate and I get more power like that. I like to use the sidefoot finish because it’s the largest part of my foot. When the goalkeeper comes off this line, don’t think too much. You don’t want too much going through your mind when you’re running in on goal. When I don’t think I tend to do really good things with the ball.”

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