Finish like Luis Suarez

One of the reasons Luis Suarez scores so many goals is his ability to shoot quickly and under pressure, whatever the circumstances. That’s why he’s perfectly suited to Barcelona's quick breaks.

To finish a move as the Uruguayan does, you need speed, a good first touch and ability in a one-on-one situation – something we all know the nutmeg-happy striker has. In this training ground move, courtesy of Coerver Coaching co-founder Alfred Galustian, you need pace to keep ahead of the defender, a cushioned first touch to bring the ball under control and the capability to beat your man if you need to.

Control the ball – or shoot first time if the situation demands it, or if you’re feeling confident/cocky – and pass into the corner the net, which is something Suarez also does with considerable class. It’s about accuracy over power, and this drill is designed to work on that.

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