Avoid post-match pain

If you wake up on a Monday morning aching from your weekend game you need to watch this

Let's face it – Monday mornings are awful. Your alarm goes off early, you’re in the midst of a two-day hangover and you haven’t finished that report your boss wants first thing.

Then you try and move. Ouch. It feels like someone is digging their elbow deep into your leg muscles. Move another inch and you might just cry.

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Failing to follow any recovery strategies after 90 minutes at the weekend has left your body fatigued, sore and achy. This, is the last thing you need.

Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do after a game or training session to help you avoid these pains.

Millwall’s head physio, Bobby Bacic, is here to share his expert advice and make those Monday mornings a little bit easier.

Bobby Bacic was speaking at the Science + Football Conference. This year's conference is on Wednesday, April 30 at the London Soccer Dome. For more information visit www.scienceandfootball.com

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