Charly Musonda: How to make it pro

To stand out from the crowd you need to work hard and believe in your ability, says the Chelsea under-21 star

The path to becoming a footballer is filled with obstacles. Even if you're one of the lucky few to earn a contract with a pro club nothing is guaranteed. Once you're there you have to compete with a squad of hopeful young stars desperate to make the grade. Making an impression can be tough.

But before you panic that you don't have the passing range of Andrea Pirlo or the explosive power of Didier Drogba, consider what you do have control of.

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The right mentality, desire to work hard and unshakable self belief are factors you can control. They're characteristics Chelsea's Charly Musonda considers just as important as technical skill. 

The Belgium under-21 international knows a thing or two about impressing Premier League scouts. The 19-year-old caught the eye of Chelsea's talent spotters and moved to London from his native country aged just 15. 

The route to the top starts with you and adopting the right attitude and belief - not just the talent in your feet. Need some more words of encouragement? Press play and listen to a young player who has negotiated his way from the streets of Belgium to Stamford Bridge.

Charly Musonda spoke at the Nike FootballX Winner Stays final in London

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