Dele Alli: How I studied Gerrard

Steven Gerrard was one of your heroes – what did you admire about his game?
He was one of the best midfielders in the world when I was growing up and his overall technique was world-class. To this day I haven’t seen many players strike the ball as well as Gerrard. Plus his range of passing and shooting from distance were incredible. But the main reason I admired him so much was because of his character. It didn’t matter how big the game was, he never seemed to get phased. 

Do you see similarities between Gerrard’s style of play and your own?
I think we’re similar in the sense that we both enjoy every side of the game. Gerrard loved linking up with his strikers but then you’d see him blocking a shot in his own box. I don’t just see myself as an attacking midfielder and I think Gerrard was the same. I think our main similarity would be our attitudes. He would never fear an opponent and I never go into a game frightened of a player or team.

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