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Essential pre-season training

The thought of the pre-season slog is enough to make you “lose” your passport and hide among the many expats sunning themselves on the Costa del Sol.

Rather than living on the run let FFT help you plan your six week training schedule so you’re fully prepared for the new season.

To ensure you avoid those pointless cross country runs and get you match-fit, we spoke to Tottenham’s first team fitness coach, Nathan Gardiner.

In this video he tells you the type of work you should be doing, how to change the workload as the opening day nears and why working like this will galvanise you performance.

“If you complete pre-season how I have suggested - big durations to small durations - you’ll work across all the different energy systems,” Gardiner told FFT.

“By performing things in an intermittent manner you’ll help your football specific performance.”

Click play and get started.

Nathan Gardiner was speaking at the Science + Football Conference. This year's conference is on Sunday, April 12 at St George's Park. For more information visit

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