How to improve stamina for football

It doesn’t matter if your name is Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo – you need lung-bursting levels of stamina to last 90 minutes.

Footballers cover on average 10 kilometres every game, but doing laps of your local park won’t be enough to get you in top shape.

We’ve rounded up all our best stamina drills and gym workouts, as well as tips from top players, to ensure you can cover every blade of grass. Enjoy…

Stamina drills

We know you’re probably spending £50 a month on a gym membership, but all you need to improve stamina on a football pitch is a pair of boots and a bit of grass. Below we’ve got a range of drills you can do on your own or as a team to improve your ability to get up and down the pitch.

Fitness for a box-to-box midfielder

Improve your speed, stamina and strength

Run faster, boost endurance

Build lasting stamina

Run harder, react quicker

Three drills to help football endurance

Interval training for football

Make your engine work faster, harder and longer

Premier League stamina workouts

Love them or hate them, Premier League footballers are super-fit athletes. With that in mind, who better to ask how to boost your endurance than the players themselves? Click on one of the following links and you’ll soon have the fitness of a professional footballer…  

Parker: Improve your stamina

George Boyd: Learn to last the full 90 minutes

Jack Rodwell: How to play box-to-box

Ashley Young: Outrun the opposition

Shane Long: Build lung bursting endurance

Get fit with Liverpool: Part five

Improve endurance with Manchester United

Stamina shortcuts

Not everyone has the time to spend an hour at the gym or doing doggies at the park. Our short, sharp sessions designed by Premier League fitness coaches will ensure you get fit in double quick time, meaning you’ll have longer to lay on the sofa watching the pros get a sweat on instead.

How fit are professional footballers?

Build endurance and a rock solid core

Rev up your early season engine

Keep on running

Fast track to fitness

The fastest way to stay in shape

Alternative stamina training

If you fancy a change of scenery from a football pitch then there are a host of different sports that can help build football endurance. Long distance runners, cyclists and even hurdlers require supreme stamina and we spoke to a load of top athletes to get their advice on how to run for longer. 

What your game can learn from…long distance running

What your game can learn from cycling

What your game can learn from other sports

What your game can learn from hurdling

Train like an Olympian

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