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How to measure your body fat like a Premier League footballer

What is it?
At 28, and with aspirations of playing into our thirties, FFT decided to book an appointment for a full body MOT before the start of the new season. A DEXA bodyscan uses an X-ray to measure body composition – the amount of fat, bone and fat-free (lean) tissue in our system – and exactly where it is stored.

How does it work?
Wearing nothing but a pair of swimming shorts, we laid down on a treatment table, with our arms by our side and feet taped down to ensure we didn’t wriggle out of position. For four minutes, a scanner situated above slid back and forth examining our body before revealing our physical data on a computer.

Who uses it?
England’s rugby union side use DEXA on a regular basis, while Arsenal have had the technology installed at their training ground. It is also available to the general public at various locations across the country and is often used by people concerned with their weight or looking to build a strong physique – like FFT.

Why are they using it? 
Tools such as calipers only measure skin fat on the outside of the body, but DEXA provides the most accurate and detailed insight into a person’s physical condition by also assessing fat around major organs. Our scan revealed a healthy body fat and muscle mass percentage and then gave us specific calorie advice to add 3kg of muscle.

How much does it cost?
While FFT was given a complimentary scan, a single appointment will set you back £139. For an additional £20 you can have a one-hour consultation with a medical expert to discuss your report. However, if you use the code 442MAG you can get a 20% discount. If you’re serious about improving your performance and your health, we highly recommend it.