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Improve your speed of foot

Technique: It may sound obvious, but any speed exercise has to be performed as quickly as possible. Going slowly won’t have any benefit. Start by standing at the intersection between the goal-line and the 18-yard box, facing the line. When ready, step across the line with your right foot, followed by your left, and then return your right foot and left foot to the starting side of the line. Continue this right-left-right-left pattern as fast as possible, while making your way up to the corner of the 18-yard box. Repeat three to five times up to four times a week.

Technique: For this routine you need an aerobic step (or any box designed for exercise roughly 12 inches in height). Standing to one side of the box, step up with your inside foot, immediately followed by your outside foot. As the outside foot makes contact with the box, shift your weight and step down onto the floor at the other side of the box with your first foot. Again this is immediately followed by the second foot to complete one repetition. Repeat the pattern in the opposite direction. Perform the exercise for 15-20 seconds for up to four sets.

Technique: Slowly move between the goal-line and the 18-yard line while completing the following movements. Start by raising your right instep up to your left knee, and touching it with your left hand. Repeat with your left foot. After your left foot returns to the floor, lift your right foot, but this time reach around and touch your instep with your left hand behind your left knee. Repeat with your left foot to complete one set. Repeat this cycle as fast as possible between the 18-yard box and you’ll improve balance and coordination. Perform three to five reps two to three times per week.