Interval training for football

Everyone, this site included, is telling you to swap long distance runs for HIIT sessions, but what is HIIT? High intensity interval training, that’s what.

And what does that mean? It’s a form of exercise that challenges you to switch between very intense anaerobic bursts and slower recovery periods.

This type of training is perfect for footballers, says elite performance coach, Karl Halabi, because it mirrors the demands of a game. “You don’t go for a moderate 10k run during 90 minutes – you perform repeated, explosive sprints, with short rest periods in between,” he told FFT.

You don’t need a gym membership or any expensive gear to perform this type of training. You just need a street with lamp posts, says Halabi. Watch this video to find out more.

Karl Halabi was speaking at the Science + Football Conference. This year's conference is on Sunday, April 12 at St George's Park. For more information visit

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