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Kenedy: How to change positions in football

The modern player needs technical quality, the fitness to run box-to-box for 90 minutes and the tactical intelligence to play in more than one position.


However, switching roles is easier said than done if you've spent your entire Sunday League career operating in the same role.


Luckily for you, we asked Chelsea winger-cum-defender Kenedy for a few tips on switching positions to help you become the complete player...


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“Sometimes you think you play better as a striker, but then a manager discovers you have the potential to be an effective playmaker or defensive-minded midfielder. They might be right, so you have to listen to them.


If you want to be a complete footballer, you need to have an open mind about playing in more than one position. Then you need the flexibility and intelligence to make the switch during a game.

It’s important you start watching defenders and their positioning – then you need to do some extra defensive training and tactical work to get a feel for the role.

Preparation is really important, too. It’s always useful to get as much information on board as you can, and that goes for any position. My natural position is as a striker, so I like to know who is going to be marking me beforehand. Will I be facing a strong or fast defender? 


As a defender I think it’s even more important to do my research, so that I’m prepared before I play in a position that I’m not used to. Doing your homework will help to ensure you make the right decisions on the pitch. These small details can be decisive during a game.”


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