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Kevin Doyle: Lose your marker from set-pieces

Start your move offside

Get behind the defender so he can’t see you
“Stand in an offside position right until the set-piece is about to be taken, then step onside at the last second. It frustrates the life out of most defenders and creates space for you to connect with the delivery. It gives the defender something to worry about, and by standing in this position they can’t get their arms around you.”

Look disinterested

Lure your marker into a false sense of security
“If I am being fouled, I’ll bring it to the referee’s attention so he tells the defender, ‘I’m watching you at this corner.’ Alternatively, instead of wrestling with him, feign disinterest until the last second, then make your move. He might pay less attention to you. If you shuffle about he’ll try to hold on to you tightly.”

Sell him a dummy

He’ll have to move with you
“Step in one direction, then go the other way. Even though the defender knows you’re going to do it, they still have to make that movement with you just in case you don’t. It gives you a split second to get away. The key to making this work is timing it right with the player taking the corner.”

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