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Maximise your performance

Match-winning performances on the pitch are forged on the training ground. 


That’s not preamble for a motivational quote. And it’s not a call to action for working hard. That’s a prerequisite for success.


It’s advice from performance coach, Steve Black, the man who mentored rugby legend Jonny Wilkinson for 15 years. 


Black says you have to train smart if you want to boss the game. What exactly does that mean? That means analysing the demands of your position and devising a bespoke training programme that focuses on the challenges you will face during 90 minutes. 


Then, once you've done that, tweak it even more to fit your unique skill set. Follow this ethos and you will achieve optimum performance.

"You should start from quite a wide base point and then narrow it down to your position, then bespoke to you," explains Black.


"You need to train specifically to bring out the best out in you. An individual who just relies on their talent, which suggests they just play the game, will get better from an early age, but whether that’s the optimum regime towards fulfilling their potential is something completely different." 


To hear more from Black watch the full video above. 


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