Mikel Arteta: Handling a hatchet man

Trash talking, niggly fouls and the odd pinch. The opposition are targeting you. How do you hold your nerve? Former Arsenal playmaker Mikel Arteta explains

Playmakers are the target of hatchet men and wind-up merchants across the land.

Restricted by their own limited ability they resort to the dark arts to disrupt the opposition’s creative source.

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Their tactics – a potent mix of physical and mental attacks – are designed to throw the playmaker off his game.

It’s not pretty and it’s not nice, but without a strategy for countering these methods, flair players often find themselves heading for an early shower or writhing on the floor in pain.

You need a plan and Arsenal’s midfield maestro Mike Arteta has one. Watch this video and learn from a man who has had to deal with agents of darkness.

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