Steven Pienaar: Lose your shadow

Throw your marker off your scent with Steven Pienaar's guide to movement off the ball

As one of Everton’s danger men Steven Pienaar is a marked man. If opposition teams have done their homework, they’ll know the only way to nullify his threat is to squeeze the space around him.

When this tactic fails, the opposition may have go old school and instruct their big lad to kick lumps out of him.

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But Pienaar is a crafty operator. The South African midfielder has a number of ways to escape the clutches of his marker.

Want to hear them? Well, what are you waiting for? Hit play and borrow his tips for losing a defender.

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Time your run to perfection

“Sometimes, occasionally they do it, but I don’t like to stay out wide I like to be more inside, not out wide.

I like to be in between the left back or the right back and the midfielders. I think that’s the best position I like to choose in a game.

As a player I always run forward two yards and then check back. I think that’s the quickest way to lose him because he will definitely going to go with you and when you check back you know what’s in your mind.

Also the control is very important so you can move either side of him because if you’re just going to control it he might go right through you.

I don’t like to go in to a fight with him. Like I say you have to more smarter, your movement has to be really good. That’s how I do it.”

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