Stop a winger in their tracks: 4-step guide

Win your battle against the winger with these tips from Arsenal full-back Carl Jenkinson
The Premier League boasts some of the most exciting wingers in Europe – Gareth Bale, Theo Walcott, Eden Hazard – the list could go on. It’s an unforgiving world for a full-back.

Arsenal’s Carl Jenkinson knows this better than any one. But after a slow start he’s finally got to grips with the Premier League’s speedsters.

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The England international quickly learnt that he had to make a swift assessment of his opponent’s strengths and adapt his game accordingly.

“You have to judge the speed of your winger. You can often work it out quite early on in the game,” Jenkinson told FFT.

“It all depends on what foot he is and how close he is to the goal. You have to be conscious of what foot he is and how strong his weak foot is compared to his strong one. It's something that you've got to judge on the pitch.”

No matter who he’s up against, one tactic remains constant – steer the winger away from goal.

“Show you're winger away from goal because that's where he's least dangerous,” Jenkinson added.

Take advantage of the England international’s video tutorial and prevent a tricky winger from wreaking havoc.

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