What your game can learn from... Mixed martial arts

Outthink, outrun and outkick your opponent with advice from Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping, the UK’s number one fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship

Get in their heads

“I remind my opponents of their shortcomings. I’ll talk to them about their defeats and how they lost. I want them to think about being knocked out and start doubting themselves. Focusing on their weaknesses gives me confidence. Gaining the upper hand psychologically can give you a big advantage.”

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Strike with force

“As with football, you need explosive kicking power. To boost leg strength I combine box jumps and medicine ball slams. Stand by a box that’s a challenge to jump on to. Leap up on it five times and slam a medicine ball against a wall five times. Repeat five times, resting between each set.”


Train for pain

“The cage is the loneliest place in the world when you’re tired, so I prepare with a ‘head, body, jump’ workout. Have a partner hold a punch bag. Punch it as fast as you can 20 times, then send 20 knees to the body and finish with 20 jumps, bringing your knees to your chest. Do this for three minutes.”

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