What your game can learn from long distance running

How to keep going for 90 minutes by Olympic 10,000m champion Mo Farah

Keep on running

“The more endurance work you do, the longer you can last in the game. I would say gradually improve your endurance work by a few minutes at a time, so you get up to 30 minutes’ running twice a week. You don’t want to overdo it, though, because that would shock the body and leave you tired for the game.”

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A change of pace

“If you’re feeling adventurous go out for a ‘fartlek’ (speed play) session: periods of quick running interspersed with slower jogging, walking or resting. If you feel good, run quickly for one minute; if you feel awesome, run quickly for two and a half minutes. Do these sessions on grass to avoid shin splints and other injuries.”

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Stand up straight

“If you carry yourself with a more upright posture it will help you save energy and therefore improve your endurance. If you hold a downward posture and start to run, this is not as efficient. Try and keep your chest out and you’ll find you can run a lot further.”

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