What your game can learn from long distance running

Keep on running

“The more endurance work you do, the longer you can last in the game. I would say gradually improve your endurance work by a few minutes at a time, so you get up to 30 minutes’ running twice a week. You don’t want to overdo it, though, because that would shock the body and leave you tired for the game.”

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A change of pace

“If you’re feeling adventurous go out for a ‘fartlek’ (speed play) session: periods of quick running interspersed with slower jogging, walking or resting. If you feel good, run quickly for one minute; if you feel awesome, run quickly for two and a half minutes. Do these sessions on grass to avoid shin splints and other injuries.”

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Stand up straight

“If you carry yourself with a more upright posture it will help you save energy and therefore improve your endurance. If you hold a downward posture and start to run, this is not as efficient. Try and keep your chest out and you’ll find you can run a lot further.”

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