1 May 2006
Arsenal have been annoying Spurs for years: they’ve moved in on their turf, stolen their captain, imitated their style and even managed to get them relegated. For the May 2006 FourFourTwo magazine, Mat Snow investigated the rivalry – with a little balancing help from a Gooner or two...
1 September 2005
"I reckon Sir Alex Ferguson would have taken me by the balls. Just like Vinnie"
1 April 2005
Former Tottenham, Newcastle and England striker explains his love of choppers
1 December 2004
"When I was working in a sausage factory, he was one of the first players to catch my eye"
1 November 2004
"The best players I've faced? Cristiano Ronaldo is a tricky little player, but Brian Deane would definitely be up there too"
1 August 2004
"I think that there’s a lot of similar things between English and German people, but neither side wants to admit it"
1 July 2004
"If Bergkamp had played in the Cruyff team of 1974, Holland would have won the World Cup"
1 November 2003
"He was my hero as a kid, then I played with him for England and he was still playing after I retired. If I don't pick him, he'll kill me"
1 September 2003
"I'm f***ing chasing round the garden for four hours. I don't want to pick up a seagull – f*** that. It might peck me or do any f***ing thing."
1 September 2003
"I'm Superman, man. I don't give away my weaknesses"


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