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I'm no actor – No regrets for Klopp over heated interview

Jurgen Klopp has no regrets about a heated interview he took part in after Liverpool's draw with Everton on Sunday, stating he would not change the way he acted.

Liverpool dominated Everton for most of the 1-1 draw at Anfield, with Wayne Rooney's late penalty denying them the victory after Dejan Lovren nudged Dominic Calvert-Lewin in the area.

After the full-time whistle, Klopp was interviewed by Sky Sports and was particularly confrontational as the reporter's line of questioning relating to the spot-kick irritated him.

The German was criticised for his manner and accused of being disrespectful, but believes the situation was blown out of proportion.

Speaking to reporters ahead of Wednesday's visit of West Brom, Klopp said: "If I had to give the interview again with the information I had to give, it would be the same.

"Now, of course, I'm relaxed, but that was five minutes after the game and I was not relaxed.

"It's always the same when you look in eyes of the journalist and he's not interested in how you feel, that's why I reacted.

"It was nothing. I didn't say anything I need to take back. I don't like it [the situation], but I can't change. That's how I felt in the moment. I'm no actor, I can't act differently.

"[But] I can keep myself that calm that nothing serious happens in situations like this. It's just an interview.

"I don't think anyone really remembers it, or would watch back and think that it was 'hilarious' or 'legendary' – it was just an interview."

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There was also post-match fall-out from the Manchester derby later on Sunday. Manchester City are said to have celebrated a 2-1 victory against Manchester United overexuberantly, leading to a bust-up between individuals from the two clubs in the tunnel.

Klopp says that teams have to find the balance between enjoying themselves and respecting their opponents.

"It doesn't happen a lot," Klopp said. "One team celebrates, the other doesn't like it – it's obvious.

"We have had one or two draws at home and I've heard loud music from the dressing room of the other side, that's how it is. I don't have a problem [with it].

"It's like everything, it's allowed as long as there's respect. Football is a very emotional game and we as managers are not always in dressing room after the game.

"There's music and sometimes shouts, but that's how it is. I have no problem, as long as you show the right amount respect."