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Matthaus: Germany 'definitely' contenders

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world and the lead-up to next year's World Cup finals has included plenty of discussion about how teams will handle the travel between venues, as well as the heat and humidity expected.

But Matthaus, who played at five World Cups, says Brazil does not throw up any new problems compared to previous tournaments.

"I've played five World Cups including one in the US where the distances between the stadiums were also big," the former German midfielder said.

"One World Cup in Mexico where we had games around midday and the temperature was at 45 degrees.

"Obviously you have to prepare yourself for that. That's why you have a medical team and also a team that helps to find the right headquarters, taking everything into consideration.

"It's hard for every team, for every nation."

Matthaus believes Germany have the quality to claim their fourth World Cup in Brazil but insists a team needs more than just good players to lift the trophy at the Maracana next year.

"I'm also hoping for a title for my country after 24 years," the 52-year-old said.

"The German national team has the quality, they showed that in previous tournaments. They also qualified in an impressive fashion.

"But in a World Cup, as I said, many factors play a role. Our team is always being prepared in the best way possible but, as I said, there are always lots of surprises.

"Every team wants to win against the so-called favourites but if the team manages to perform the way they have done in the last few years then the team is definitely a part of the contender group."