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Mourinho: Terry card appeal would be a waste of time

Jose Mourinho disagreed with the decision to dismiss John Terry in Chelsea's 3-2 Premier League win at West Brom, but reckons an appeal would be a "waste of time".

Terry was sent off by Mark Clattenburg in the second half following a foul on Salomon Rondon as the champions hung on for their first victory of the season.

Mourinho's past experience with appealing red cards leads him to believe there would not be a favourable outcome if they should try to overturn Terry's dismissal.

"Normally it's a waste of time for us," he said. "I think we should [appeal], but normally it's a waste of time.

"[Nemanja] Matic against Burnley last year was a waste of time. Thiago Silva against Liverpool was a waste of time. [Thibaut] Courtois."

Courtois was sent off in the 2-2 home draw against Swansea City and Mourinho revealed he had prepared his side to play with 10 men.

He added: "I have to do what's in my hands, which is to train 10 against 11. We did already a couple of times in Canada, we have to do more.

"We have to know what to do with 10 men when you are winning, 10 men when you are losing, 10 men when you're chasing a result, 10 men when you're defending a result and the difference between today and Swansea was exactly that.

"Against Swansea you have 10 but you want to change the result and today you have 10 and you want to keep a result."