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Russian fans travel over 12,000 miles for away game... which ends 0-0

Luch-Energiya took on Baltika Kaliningrad in the Russian Professional Football League (second division) on Sunday, with the away fans making a total round trip of 12,882 miles.

To put that figure into some kind of perspective, the longest journey possible in the Premier League is Bournemouth’s trip to Sunderland, which is around 355 miles each way.

Flying to and from the two places takes at least 14 hours, including a stop in Moscow. Anyone attempting to drive the course, which includes going through Siberia, would take over a week.

The match attendance was 3,782, with a tiny chunk of those away fans (pictured above).

Let’s never hear English football fans moaning about a Europa League away day to Eastern Europe ever again.

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