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Spurs boss Pochettino calls for extra rest

Spurs have lost three of their four league games immediately following Europa League group fixtures this season as the club struggle to juggle both competitions.

Pochettino's men host Partizan on Thursday, before Everton - who also have the Europa League to contend with - visit White Hart Lane on Sunday.

And the Argentinian believes the Premier League should consider moving matches back to Monday, to allow his players a further 24 hours' rest.

"Maybe it is a good idea," he said. "For Sunday, we are in the same position as Everton. They play in Germany [at Wolfsburg] and we play at home.

"Yes, maybe it is a good idea to play Monday. Why not? One day more is good for the players to recover. Yes, maybe it is a good idea."

When asked if he felt other bodies around Europe were more helpful towards their clubs, Pochettino said: "Yes, yes, it is true.

"They look after the clubs who are involved in the international competition. I think it is a good idea maybe if you play Thursday and afterwards Monday.

"One day extra is very good for the players to recover because maybe you play in Turkey, Serbia or Greece and you arrive [home at] 4am.

"It changes your sleep and after it is Friday, you need to train, then Saturday, then Sunday you play at one o'clock. It is very difficult for the players."