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Combat dehydration

Here’s a scenario we can all relate to: You trudge off at half-time gasping for a drink and all that’s left is the back wash of a dirty old water bottle from last week’s game. Ergh.

You head back out for the second half with a bone dry mouth and aching limbs. Without fluid running through your system the performance of your muscles and brain will suffer (more than usual).

To avoid this breakdown you’re going to have to get organised and bring your own beverages.

A bottle of water is the simplest option. Quaffing the clear stuff will combat dehydration and help optimise your performance. A sports drink will go one better by replacing electrolytes that are lost through sweat. These ions are important for fluid retention. As an added bonus it will give you an energy boost with a dose of carbohydrates.

But you can save yourself a few bob by making your own sports drink at home. How? Let elite sports nutritionist, Kerry Kayes, explain in this video.

Kerry Kayes was talking at the World Football Academy: UK National Symposium. For more information visit

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