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Make the ultimate post-match kebab


Boneless chicken breasts (ideally organic), minus the skin, cubed

1 courgette (all vegetables and other ingredients ideally organic)

1 red pepper, cut into bite-sized pieces

Handful of red cabbage

3 spring onions

A wholemeal pitta bread

Handful of fresh coriander

Handful of fresh mint

2 cloves of garlic

1 red chilli

Zest and juice of half a lemon

Rock salt

Freshly ground black pepper

Extra virgin olive oil



1 Marinate your chicken cubes in mint, coriander, garlic, chilli, lemon, salt and pepper and olive oil
2 Allow the chicken to sit for an hour so the flavours infuse
3 Blanch the courgette in boiling water for 30secs, then drain
4 Once the chicken has been marinated, grill your chicken cubes, courgette and red peppers
5 Grill for five to eight minutes, turning regularly to ensure the chicken is cooked through
6 Cut up your red cabbage and mix with the sliced spring onion, chilli and lemon juice
7 Gently grill your pitta, open it and add the marinated chicken cubes, peppers and courgettes
8 Place the cabbage and spring onion on top.



“With the skin off, it’s low-fat, high-protein, and with a complete set of amino acids which make up protein,” says Jevtic. “It also helps to keep blood sugar even and provide energy. Protein is needed for maintenance of organ and tissues, as well as for hormones and chemical messengers and healthy nervous system activity.”



 “Plenty of vitamins C and A, so long as the peppers aren’t overcooked. Both vitamins are vital anti-oxidants and immune function boosters. The folic acid content is important in the development of red blood cells and maintenance of the brain and nervous system.”



“This also contains vitamin C, and is rich in anthocyanins (ie flavonoid phytonutrients), which act as antioxidants and supporters of the immune system.”



“This provides fibre for healthy bowel action and immunity-boosting healthy bacteria in the gut. Plus, they’re a source of zinc, iodine, manganese and selenium, along with muscle-benefiting, sodium-countering potassium.”



“With the onions in the marinade, this has anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial actions that fight infection. It has sulphur which contains amino acids, purging the body of cancer-causing nitrosamines, and it’s also key to lowering cholesterol.”



“This contains capsaicin, which helps protect DNA from damage. Highly stimulating, it can help lift your mood if taken in moderation.”



“This is full of fibre and does not have as much sugar and fat as white breads. It is also made up of complex carbohydrates, which release slow energy.