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Paul Robinson: Summer fitness for goalkeepers

“I’m a keeper and always return to pre-season training overweight and rusty. What can I do over the summer to stay fit and sharp?”
Anthony Gray, via email

Paul Robinson says:

“As a goalkeeper a lot of your game is mental, so it’s best to take some time to switch off. It’s important to rest your mind as well as body in the off-season. Be sensible, then build up fitness from two weeks before pre-season.

Playing tennis is a great way to keep your muscles ticking over. It also helps a goalkeeper with footwork and movement, obviously important inside your 18-yard-box.

I’d also recommend going for a run before breakfast. It only has to be for 40 minutes and it will help you keep the weight off.

You can even do stuff on the beach. Find a quiet corner and do 20-30 minutes of press-ups and sit-ups to keep your conditioning up.

On day one of pre-season I want to be ready. You’ve got to hit the ground running because within a week you’ll be playing matches.”

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